Confused about what’s going on at Avon Township?

These three individuals are running for office again, after wasting taxpayer dollars, committing felony records destruction, and using payroll fraud to support cronies. They work with alt-right groups like the “Watchdogs” and people like Dick Barr and Doug Kearney.

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Michelle Bauman, Trustee

Used over $40,000 worth of taxpayer dollars on legal expenses for a  political agenda without legal authority.

Lied to the public about reneging on agreements about repair of an abandoned house and purchase of vehicles for the Township.

Sabotaged a handicapped  bus shelter that PACE and the Township were planning for years.

Repeatedly violated the Prompt Payment Act, refusing to pay contractors who preformed work for the township.

Forced the Township Charity to carry costs for the Township.

Wasted tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on conspiracy theories and investigations with the State’s Attorney, all of which turned out to be false. 

Spent $26,000 in taxpayer dollars in a failed attempt to kick her opponents off the ballot.

Chris Ditton, Assessor

Wasted over $750,000 of taxpayer dollars on law suits over crony hiring.

Closed his office for 5 months over a dispute with the board, all the while paying himself full time wages.

Continues a payroll fraud scheme that favors political allies.

Raised his budget nearly 30% in two years while everyone else was struggling to pay their taxes.

Hired his niece and then promoted her to full time, so she could receive free health care and a pension at the cost of taxpayers.  

Jeanne Kearby, Clerk

Falsified meeting minutes and then destroyed the recordings to cover her tracks. Recordings are classified as public records. 

Guilty of Class 4 Felony destruction of public records for political purposes.

Attempted to abuse her authority as clerk to terminate public input at a townhall meeting in violation of the law 

Expended public funds without legal authority.

Gave her position a 25% raise even though she has only been working a few hours a month for years.